November 20 – 24

Kelly Week at a Glance  

  • Nov. 21 & 22 – Student Led Conferences
  • Nov. 29 – Kelly Band & Orchestra Concert; 7:00-8:00 PM
  • Nov. 30 – Movie Night, 6th Graders & PILOTS Leaders
  • Dec. 1 – NO SCHOOL – 1st Trimester Grading
  • Dec. 5 – North Region Visioning Event @ Kelly MS; 5:30-7:30 PM

You can always check the Kelly Calendar on our website for upcoming days off and early release days.

Student Led Conferences
Student-Led Conferences will be held on November 21 and 22 at Kelly Middle School. At this conference, your student will guide you through a collection of reflections and work samples completed in classes this year. Your student will also share specific goals they set for success in each class. Students show ownership of their learning as they explain their goals; what they have been learning; why it is important; and how it has affected their thinking. Family presence and participation is vital for the success of this event.

Your student-led conference will take place in one of our common areas and will be organized by grade level. While grade-level teachers will be present the majority of the conference is shared between students and families. This is not the place for individual parent/teacher conferences. However, asking teachers clarifying questions, discussing future communications and providing feedback to our teachers fits with this event.

Our teachers regularly communicate through Synergy Parent VUE and other electronic classroom portals. You are always encouraged to use Parent VUE and e-mail to keep in communication with teachers if you have concerns. If e-mail is not preferred, phone calls are welcome.

It is very important that both you and your student attend this conference. Your student should have brought home a flyer with your scheduled time, if cannot make it during your scheduled time please contact the office at 541-790-4740 to reschedule. We hope to see each and every parent or guardian and their child at this exciting event, and we look forward to hearing your comments after the experience.

Traditional parent/teacher conferences are not scheduled at Kelly Middle School. We believe that growing student ownership of individual learning and communication are skills that promote success in many learning environments beyond Kelly Middle School. Please know that we value communicating with you and hope to meet your students’ needs through Student-Led Conferences and other ways of sharing information together.

Movie Night – 6th Graders w/PILOTS Leaders
On November 30th, the Pilot leaders will be putting on a movie night for the  6th graders. Since Star Wars VIII, is coming this December, we will be watching Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. We will be watching the movie from 6:00 to 8:20. Please be here to pick up your child by 8:20. Students are welcome to bring snacks and drinks for themselves. We will have some mats out for the students to sit on but they are welcomed to bring blankets as well. May the force be with you.

Envision the Future of North Eugene Schools
Help shape the vision for our schools! Eugene School District 4J is working to support and strengthen schools across the district, starting in the North Eugene region. Your input is important.

Parents, students and community members are invited to come to a community event and engage in 4J’s North Region Visioning Process. Participants will collaborate in energizing design activities and share their views to help guide future decisions, as our schools seek to better serve our community’s diverse students and families. This is the next step after the survey you may have completed last spring.

Choose a night and come share your voice:

  • Tues., December 5, 5:30–7:30 p.m., Kelly Middle School, 850 Howard Ave.

If you have questions about the events or the North Region Visioning Process, please call 4J Instructional Services at 541-790-7550.

Juntos Project
The Center for Equity Promotion (CEQP) at the University of Oregon is conducting a program to support Latino parents and middle school staff in helping Latino middle school students do well in school. The project has several phases and for this particular section, we are inviting all parents, all students and all staff to complete an All School Climate Survey.

As a parent/guardian you are invited to complete the anonymous survey. To access the parent survey online go to and click on the photo of your student’s school. You will be automatically directed to the survey page which you can fill out online. At the top of the survey there is a drop-down arrow for choosing either English or Spanish.

If you prefer to take the survey on paper you can find copies in Spanish and English in the front office, you can return your completed survey at the front office as well.

All surveys will be available online or in paper from October 23rd until November 30th, 2017. After this date, the survey will no longer be available.

Kelly Middle School will receive a $1.00 donation by CEQP for each completed PARENT survey.





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