February 26 – March 2

Kelly Week at a Glance 

  • Mar. 5 – Track starts
  • Mar. 5 – 8th Grade party planning meeting; 6:30 PM
  • Mar. 5 – Kelly Co-Pilots Meeting (Parent Group); 7:00 PM
  • Mar. 5 – Kelly Food Drive
  • Mar. 9 – Benito Juarez Celebration
  • Mar. 15 – No School; Second Trimester Grading Day
  • Mar. 16 – No School; Professional Development/Planning Day

You can always check the Kelly Calendar on our website for upcoming days off and early release days.

Track Starting in a Week!!
Track season will begin March 5. If you think your child might be interested in participating, please schedule a physical now. In order to be on the team, students must have a physical that is no more than 2 years (dated after March 5, 2016). You can call the office if you need to check and see if we have a current physical on file for your student. Students can pick up the track packets in the office or you can download the forms from our website.

Please get your packets in as soon as possible as this helps us to know how many students we will have on the team. We are allocated coaches based on the number of students on the team, so the sooner you get your track packets in, the sooner we are able to secure coaching!

Benito Juarez Celebration
On Friday, March 10, Kelly Middle School is hosting its “11th Benito Juárez Celebration”. Our theme this year is “It’s Better Together”. This is an evening of art, music, dance, student presentations/performances, and a superb dinner with traditional homemade Mexican and Japanese food. Tickets will be sold at the door for $1.00 each starting at 5:30 PM.

The program begins at the same time with music by “Camino Marimba” from River Road Elementary on the Fly Deck. From 6:00 to 7:00 PM attendees can buy and enjoy Mexican and Japanese homemade food in the cafeteria. During this time there will be some student presentations and artwork display in the hallways by our ArtCore Teacher, Jess Land. A cultural donation of Mexican traditional toys made by the government of Guanajuato, Mexico to Kelly Middle School will also be on display. At 7:00 PM the program continues in the small gym with dance performances by Spanish and Japanese Immersion students. Our 6th grade Kelly Choir will have their very first performance. For the closing number, we will have Grupo Ameyaltonal from Salem, Oregon, demonstrating traditional Aztec dancing with audience participation.


Annual Food Drive
March 5 to March 14
Last year, students were astounded to find out that Food for Lane County moves over 6 million pounds of food each year and that about 1 in 3 children benefit from their services each year. Advisory classes compete to earn the most points, food items are assigned point values depending on the nutritional value. Students will be bringing home more information soon. Over the past two years, Kelly students have helped bring in more than 6,000 pounds of food. This generates meals for more than 650 families! It is inspiring to watch our student’s band together and take a leadership role in helping feed our community.

BEST+ Program
Kelly Middle School, along with the City of Eugene, offers after-school activities to Kelly students throughout the school year. The after-school program primarily focuses on helping Kelly students succeed in academics by providing homework help. In addition to extra study time, the program also features enrichment classes such as art, cooking, drama, sports and more. Activities are taught by Kelly teachers, City of Eugene instructors, local service agencies, arts agencies, and qualified individuals from the community.

For more information contact Jim Wilcox, Kelly BEST After-School Coordinator. Email at Wilcox_j@4j.lane.edu or call 541-790-4748 or click here.












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