Oct. 29 – Nov. 2

Kelly Week at a Glance 

  • Oct. 29 – School Picture Retakes
  • Oct. 31 – Fall Fest; 2:29 – 3:35 PM
  • Oct. 26 – Early Release; 2:35 PM
  • Nov. 6 – Kelly Co-Pilots (Parent Group); 6:00 PM
  • Nov. 7 – Student-Led Conferences; 5-8:00 PM
  • Nov. 8 – No School (Student-Led Conferences; 8-12:00 PM)
  • Nov. 9 – No School (Professional Development)

You can always check the Kelly Calendar on our website for upcoming days off.

Message from the Principal
It is hard to believe that six weeks of school are in the books, and I can see that students and staff are in full swing together in classrooms.

As we move into the next six weeks of school I am happy to report that our attendance is up from this time last year. This is good news because it is telling us that kids are feeling good about their school and want to be here. I want to encourage parents and guardians to continue to motivate their students to attend on a regular basis. We know that when kids attend school regularly they increase their academic opportunities. At Kelly staff believes in creating, cultivating, and genuinely building learning partnerships through relationships. We can continue to have a great school with your partnership and support. Thank you–Kelly families and community members–for all that you do.

Warmest regards,
Juan Cuadros, Principal

School Picture Retakes
Retakes are Monday, October 29. If you received pictures that you didn’t like send the picture packet back with your student to give to the photographer. If your student missed pictures the first time now is the opportunity for your student to get their picture taken. You can purchase pictures online at Lifetouch.com (picture ID FO5528120Y1) or picture packets are available in the office.

Fall Fest
We hold our annual Fall Fest Social for students who have behaved in a safe, responsible, and respectful manner during October. The event runs from 2:35-3:20 PM and features a variety of fun activities and a dance.

Fall Fest Reminders

  • Costumes must not violate Kelly’s dress code and must not be culturally or ethnically insensitive.
  • No masks or objects depicting weapons.
  • Face paint is NOT allowed as it often needs to be reapplied during the school day (=distraction).
  • Clown Costumes are prohibited.
  • Due to the rhetoric and negativity created from politicals, no political costumes.
  • No cameras or phone cameras allowed.
  • Candy should not be brought to school and distributed either on the day of Halloween or the weeks following.

Students, who do not follow the above guidelines, will be asked to change and parents notified.

Student-Led Conferences
Student-Led Conferences will be held on November 7 and 8 at Kelly Middle School. At this conference, your student will guide you through a collection of reflections and work samples completed in classes this year. Your student will also share specific goals they set for success in each class. Students show ownership of their learning as they explain their goals; what they have been learning; why it is important; and how it has affected their thinking. The family presence and participation are vital for the success of this event.

Your student-led conference will take place in one of our common areas and will be organized by grade level. While grade-level teachers will be present the majority of the conference is shared between students and families. This is not the place for individual parent/teacher conferences. However, asking teachers clarifying questions, discussing future communications and providing feedback to our teachers fits with this event.

Our teachers regularly communicate through Synergy Parent VUE and other electronic classroom portals. You are always encouraged to use Parent VUE and e-mail to keep in communication with teachers if you have concerns. If email is not preferred, phone calls are welcome.

It is very important that both you and your student attend this conference. We hope to see each and every parent or guardian and their child at this exciting event, and we look forward to hearing your comments after the experience.

Traditional parent/teacher conferences are not scheduled at Kelly Middle School. We believe that growing student ownership of individual learning and communication are skills that promote success in many learning environments beyond Kelly Middle School. Please know that we value communicating with you and hope to meet your students’ needs through Student-Led Conferences and other ways of sharing information together.

November Community Equity Forum
In November we will be focusing on our Native American family members. We will be learning together about the boarding school policies that were forced onto our Native communities in Oregon.

This is an important piece of history, each one of us should know more about. The impacts of this history touch our students, classrooms and communities each day.

We will be hearing from a Eugene graduate who has focused their thesis work on Native American Boarding School and their impacts on contemporary Native American Education as well as from Brenda Brainard and other elders.

The target audience for this event is you.
Yes, you – our staff, students, families, and community.
Spanish translation via headsets will be provided.
Lets’ learn together and from each other ….

November Community Equity Forum: Native American Boarding Schools – The historical trauma impacts on contemporary Native American education

There will be a historical overview, a panel discussion, and snacks.
November 1, 2018 – Community Equity Forum
TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: Eugene School District Office -Auditorium
200 North Monroe Street,
Eugene, OR 97402 

School Bond Measure on November Ballot
A measure that would provide local funding for Eugene public schools is on the November 6 election ballot.

The bond measure, Measure 20-297, would allow Eugene School District 4J to:

  • Make improvements at every school
  • Improve student safety, security, and equity across the district
  • Provide better learning environments and materials for students
  • Boost career technical education at all 4J high schools
  • Repair and update schools that are more than 50 years old
  • Replace three aging buildings that are worn and have high energy and maintenance costs

By law, bond money can only be spent on capital improvements such as facilities, equipment, curriculum, and technology. It cannot be used to pay for teachers, school days or school programs.

If the measure is approved, property tax rates for Eugene School District 4J bond debt would increase by about $0.66 per $1,000 assessed value. Property taxes would increase by about $135 a year for the median homeowner in the district, with an assessed property value of $204,000.

Voters must be registered by October 16 to vote in this election. Ballots will be mailed to registered voters beginning October 17 and must be returned to the county elections office or an official ballot drop box by November 6, 8 p.m.

For more information, please see www.4j.lane.edu/bond.

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