Jan. 14-18

Kelly Week at a Glance 

  • Jan. 16 – School Choice Informational Meeting; 10 AM & 6 PM
  • Jan. 18 – School Choice Informational Meeting; 1:30 PM
  • Jan. 18 – Early Release; 2:35 PM
  • Jan. 21 – NO SCHOOL; Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Jan. 22 – K-12 Japanese Immersion Family meeting; 6:30 PM

You can always check the Kelly Calendar on our website for upcoming days off.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question:  How do I get my student out of class early?
Answer: Write them a note with the dismissal time, they show that to the teacher at that time and then use it as their hall pass to the office. Please make an allowance in the dismissal time for them to collect their things and get to the office by the time you need them in the office.

Question: What is Kelly’s cell phone policy?
Answer: OFF and AWAY during the school day.

Question: What medication needs to be checked into the office?
Answer: ALL prescription medications need to be checked into the office. Middle school students can carry a day’s supply of non-prescription medication in the original container with a note from the parent.

Question: When and what time is early release?
Answer: Every Friday school is in session at 2:35 PM.

Looking Ahead: 2019 School Choice
School choice begins in January
In Eugene School District 4J, our school choice policy is that students may request to enroll in any 4J school. School choice requests are accepted in an order determined by lottery.

School choice in January: School choice tours and meetings will be scheduled in the month of January. To be included in the annual school choice lottery, 4J residents must apply between January 1 and January 31. This deadline changed last year to be earlier than in previous years. Non-district residents must apply for an inter-district transfer between March 1 and March 31 to be included in the school placement lottery.

Who needs to apply: All students who wish to enroll in a school other than their neighborhood school must submit an application. This includes incoming siblings of current students, students who have moved out of our school neighborhood or the district and want to remain enrolled next year, eighth-grade students who want to enroll in a high school other than their neighborhood school, and non-residents who enrolled this year on a one-year interdistrict transfer. Their enrollment is not automatic.

Who does not need to apply: If your student is currently enrolled in an immersion program they continue on without needing to reapply.  If your student is already enrolled in our school on an in-district school choice transfer and has not moved out of the district, or is already enrolled on a multi-year “open enrollment” transfer, you do not need to reapply to continue attending our school next year.

Come see our schools: If you or any of your friends are interested in exploring your school choice options, the district will hold an Elementary School Showcase on Saturday, Jan. 12, from 10 a.m. to noon. All 4J schools will hold tours and other opportunities to visit during the month of January.

If you have any friends or family members who are considering school choice, please invite them to come to learn more about our wonderful school at our school choice events in January!

More information: www.4j.lane.edu/choice

Before Building the Future, Review the Past
Voters in Eugene School District 4J resoundingly approved the bond measure in November to fund improvements at every 4J school and for every 4J student.

Three aging school buildings will be replaced in the coming years: North Eugene High School and Camas Ridge and Edison elementary schools.

Before beginning to design the new schools, the district is first taking a look back at what has worked well and what could be improved in the design and performance of other school buildings constructed in recent years.

Eight schools have been built in 4J since 2000 thanks to voters’ approval of previous bond measures. (The rest of the school buildings in 4J are all more than 50 years old.) The newer school buildings are Chávez, Holt, Howard, and River Road/El Camino del Río elementary schools, and Cal Young, Madison, Arts & Technology Academy and Roosevelt middle schools.

If you have experience with one of the eight newer school buildings, we want to hear from you! Please take 5 minutes to complete the online survey. We value your feedback.
Building User Experience Survey 

This is a first step to inform future building design. There will be additional opportunities for community input as the planning and design process for the new school buildings moves forward.


Building User Experience Survey

Planned Bond Improvements by Region:
Churchill • North Eugene • Sheldon • South Eugene

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