November 4-8 2019

Kelly Week at a Glance – Nov. 4 – 8


  • Nov. 7 – Student-Led Conferences; 11-7:00 PM
  • Nov. 7 – No School; Student-Led Conferences; 11 AM-7 PM
  • Nov. 8 – No School; Professional Development
  • Nov. 11 – No School; Veterans Day
  • Nov. 13 – Site Council; 3:50 PM
  • 19 – Kelly Co-Pilots (Parent Group); 6:00 PM


You can always check the Kelly Calendar on our website for upcoming days off.


Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences will be held on November 7 at Kelly Middle School. At this conference, your student will guide you through a collection of reflections and work samples completed in classes this year. Your student will also share specific goals they set for success in each class. Students show ownership of their learning as they explain their goals; what they have been learning; why it is important; and how it has affected their thinking. Family presence and participation is vital for the success of this event.


Flyers were sent home this week with your conference time, if you are unable to make your assigned time please feel free to drop in that same day from 11 AM – 4 PM. Teachers will be unavailable from 4 PM -4:30 PM Your student-led conference will take place in one of our common areas and will be organized by grade level. While grade-level teachers will be present, the majority of the conference is shared between students and families. Please ask teachers clarifying questions, discussing future communications and providing feedback to our teachers during this event.


Our teachers regularly communicate through Synergy Parent VUE and other electronic classroom portals. You are always encouraged to use Parent VUE and e-mail to keep in communication with teachers if you have concerns. If email is not preferred, phone calls are welcome.


It is very important that both you and your student attend this conference. We hope to see each and every parent or guardian and their child at this exciting event, and we look forward to hearing your comments after the experience.


Traditional parent/teacher conferences are not scheduled at Kelly Middle School. We believe that growing student ownership of individual learning and communication are skills that promote success in many learning environments beyond Kelly Middle School. Please know that we value communicating with you and hope to meet your students’ needs through Student-Led Conferences and other ways of sharing information together.







Thanks to the dedication and volunteer efforts of some students and parents, we will be providing an opportunity to participate in this year’s Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) academic competition. Students will be encouraged to read books selected for the competition and join a school “team” to compete at the school level against other student teams. Regional and State competitions are held following school-level “battles.”

There is availability for students to listen to audio books if they feel the need to do so that is also, another acceptable option to compete. You can find a link on the official OBOB website for the audiobooks

If you would like your student to participate regular meetings will be on Monday and Friday at lunch in Rm 6.

Please encourage your student to read every night and consider joining an OBOB team. A link to the OBOB website is included for your convenience.

If you would like to support this as an adult volunteer, please sign up on the District 4j website as a volunteer and communicate your intention to support OBOB with an email to:





WEEKLY PRACTICES: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm

Information in regards to meets and tournaments will be provided at practice. Please contact the coach with any questions you may have about the season.

Coach: TJ Winningham
Phone: (458)205-0200




Important Upcoming Dates

November is National Native American Heritage Month

A time to remember the contributions of Native Americans and Alaska Natives and to honor the unique heritage of our continent’s first inhabitants.


November 3 – Standard Time

Set clocks back one hour at 2:00 AM (“fall back”)


November 11 – Veterans Day







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