Feb. 17 – Feb. 21, 2020

Kelly Week at a Glance – Feb. 17 – Feb. 21


  • 17 – NO SCHOOL; Presidents Day
  • 18 – Kelly Food Drive Starts
  • 18 – Kelly Co-Pilots (Parent Meeting); 6:00 PM
  • 19 – Immunization Exclusion Day
  • 21 – Early Release; 2:35 PM
  • 28 – Early Release; 2:35 PM


You can always check the Kelly Calendar on our website for upcoming days off.


FREE Breakfast and Lunch

Kelly Middle School is excited to announce that Breakfast and Lunch is now free for ALL students! Breakfast is served at 8:15a.m.


Kelly/YG Transition and Merge


The Kelly Middle School and Yujin Gakuen transition teams, consisting of school administration, teachers, classified staff, parents and students, continued a series of meetings to resolve issues relating to the temporary co-location of the two programs in the Kelly Middle School building. In the meeting held on January 23, several key issues were resolved:


  • School start times. YG will continue its current start time, and will not change to the earlier elementary school start time. Yujin Gakuen starts at 8:30 AM. Kelly Middle School starts at 9:00 AM. The teams concluded that the current schedule difference would alleviate traffic and overlapping student use, and that this solution would work best for families.


  • Supervision and restrooms. Concerns were voiced about the hallways and restroom where elementary and middle school students could be sharing space. The Kelly MS leadership team committed to providing direct supervision over those spaces when elementary and middle school students were both present. Elementary and middle school students will be directed to separate restrooms when Kelly students are in the cafeteria for lunch. This was deemed a good solution by the transition team.


  • Kelly weight room spaces. The exercise equipment now in the Kelly weight room will be moved across the hall to the inner gym. The health teaching staff will move into an office adjacent to that gym. This will increase student access to the equipment, as it will be supervised more. Additionally, the inner gym will be adapted to become a health and wellness classroom, enhancing student access to health and movement.


The full staffs of both schools are scheduled to meet in February, April and June. These meetings will give the staff a chance to get to know one another, work through issues, and become a cohesive unit when the students arrive next September.


Juan Cuadros

For all updates, timelines, and location information pertaining to the upcoming YG and Kelly Merge, please look at our district website here.


Dental Screening

Community Health Centers of Lane County will be at Kelly on February 20 to provide students Fluoride, Varnish, and Sealants to those students that have filled out the Authorization for dental services form. If your student has not filled out the form and you would like them to take part in the dental program please have them stop by the office to get the authorization Form. We are also seeking at least one parent volunteer for this service; if you are willing and have done the background check procedure and have been approved please contact Laura Moncada Pacheco at 541-790-4742 or by email at moncadapacheco_l@4j.lane.edu


Kidsports Scholarships

Vouchers Available

THROUGH THE ‘ADOPT-A-SCHOOL’ program, we have scholarship vouchers at Kelly Middle School for Kidsports activities. Please check with the office to apply for a voucher. Due to the limited number of scholarships vouchers, we issue one per student per calendar year. You can find registration and deadline information on the Kidsports website: www.kidsports.org.


Upcoming Events

Dear Kelly Families,
We have a wonderful opportunity for our Kelly students to learn Mexican traditional dances. Ms. Teresa Montes, a volunteer parent at El Camino del Río, has put together two dance groups at the elementary school. She is offering to work with Kelly students on Wednesday evenings, from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. The immediate goal is to teach students a dance to be performed during our Benito Juárez Celebration, coming up on Friday, April 10. The long-term goal is to create the possibility to form a regular middle school dance troupe at Kelly.
For information, please contact Fernell López at 541-790-4759, email: lopez_f@4j.lane.edu, or directly with Teresa Montes phone# 5415102331, or Nikita Brougher email:


Click here to see the flyer.


NATIVES Program is holding a fun event to meet other Middle and High School Students to learn about college and career choices/options and assistance in applying for them. To learn more about the enhancement Camp or get Permission forms Click here. Alternatively, you may stop by the front office.


OHP Enrollment/Renewal

The Buena Vista School Social Work Intern Maria, along with the Counselor at Buena Vista Spanish Immersion would like to share information for the OHP Enrollment/Renewal night that will be hosted at Buena Vista on February 18, 2020 from 2-5pm in collaboration with Centro Latino Americano. Attached is a flyer with additional information click here


LTD Touch Pass

LTD provides local schools a way for students to ride on any LTD bus free. If your student is in need of a Touch Pass, please inform Secretary Laura Moncada at 541-790-4742 or by email at moncadapacheco_l@4j.lane.edu Thank You.