May 4 – May 8, 2020

Kelly Staff

You can always check the Kelly Calendar on our website for upcoming days off.


Learning for the Week of May 4 – May 8


May 4  – Distance Learning Continues–Attendance taken every week.

                        See “Attendance,” below for details.


Monday, May 4, 1:00-1:45 pm Zoom Advisory meetings for all students


Thursday May 7, 1:00-1:45 pm Zoom Advisory meetings for all students


Monday-Thursday between 2:00-3:30 Virtual “office hours” using Google Classroom,

Google Meet or Zoom to respond to student questions.



KMS Physical Education Resources For All 


Kelly/YG Transition and Merge


For all updates, timelines, and location information pertaining to the upcoming YG and Kelly Merge, please look at our district website here.


Locker contents–Personal Property

Personal property has been removed from lockers, bagged and tagged with student names. Last week we had the opportunity for these items to be picked up. If you were unable to pick up your students items and wish to do so. We will only be doing appointment only service please call the school office at 541-790-4740. We will hold on to the items until the end of the school year and if they are not retrieved, will be considered not wanted and donated.


BEST Program

Hello BEST Families!


We hope you and your students are staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. I wanted to send you a personal message letting you know that myself and the BEST staff are here to support you and your students in any way we can. I really miss greeting each of their smiling faces at the cafeteria door every day, but we are working hard to reconnect with them through our distance instruction plan. Last week we set up our BEST Google Classroom and 54 students have already joined and started reconnecting! If your student was part of BEST but has not joined, please encourage them to accept the invite from last week as we would love to have them take part. On the Classroom we have been posting discussion questions and some fun activities to help keep your students connected and engaged. Next week we will start holding weekly Zoom Office Hours each Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:45pm-4:45pm, and hope to see your students “live” during that time. We will be offering homework and academic support as well as more fun enrichment activities

Please note that taking part in any of our distance instruction is completely optional and will not impact your child’s enrollment in the program now or in the fall.

Thank you for having your student be a part of BEST and please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have.


Dagmara McKnight

BEST Afterschool Program Coordinator

Work cell: 541-517-2770

Free Lunches

Free Meals for All Children

Free grab-and-go meals are available for all youth age 18 and younger every weekday, 11 a.m.–12 p.m., at several sites across the district, with more to be added. Families can choose the location that is most convenient for them, no matter where they live or attend school. Meals are free for all and there are no income limits or other qualifications required—just observe 6-foot social distancing requirements!


Tech Support

There is an email for student tech assistance if needed


No tech access? Here are a pair of phone numbers that allow parents or students to leave a message and receive a call back for tech support:


SPANISH: 541.790.7531 for student tech help.

ENGLISH: 541.790.7770 for student tech help.


4J Better Together

We are all still connected and in this together, see the links below to join in or share a story!



Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

Parents and students may have questions about the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Concern over this new virus can make children and families anxious. Talking with your kids calmly and reassuringly and providing accurate prevention information and facts can help them cope with anxiety. The National Association of School Psychologists and National Association of School Nurses have provided suggestions for talking with children about COVID-19. We hope you may find this helpful.


More information:






Coronavirus COVID-19 Information: