March 29th – April 2nd 2021

Kelly Week at a Glance Mar 29 – Apr 2

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  • Mar. 29 –  Flex Day Asynchronous Learning–T3/Tri 3 classes
  • NO Teacher Office hours today
  • 30 – A Day Advisory and P1, P2 and P3 (12:20-4:00)
    • Teacher Office hours 9:15-10:45
  • Mar. 31 – B Day  Advisory and P4, P5 and P6 (12:20-4:00)
  • Teacher Office hours 9:15-10:45
  • Apr. 1   – A Day Advisory and P1, P2 and P3 (12:20-4:00)
  • NO Teacher Office hours
  • Apr. 2   – B Day   Advisory and P4, P5 and P6 (12:20-4:00)
  • NO Teacher Office hours

A Message from the Principals

Next week, we will hold the first of 3 Zoom meetings to answer questions about our Hybrid schedule program that begins on April 12. Our first Zoom meeting will be on Thursday April 1 from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm at our regularly scheduled Parent Council Meeting on the first Thursday of each month.

Zoom meeting 955 0053 5565 Password 835320

Please take a look at the maps shown below for more details about student arrival and student entry into our building during the Hybrid sessions beginning April 12.

On Tuesday March 30  in Advisory classes, we will conduct a virtual “Picture Day,” to support the creation of our yearbook. Additional information about the yearbook is shown below.  Please remind your student to be ready for pictures on the day shown below organized by Advisory teacher.

Yearbooks Updates

 Virtual Picture Week Schedule

March 29

NO Advisory

March 30

Birmingham, Cash, Hook, Douma

March 31

Everett, Harshbager, Hickok, Denton

April 1

Karbum, Kordon, Miller, Mora

April 2

Gonzalez, Smith, Wodke, Young

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School code: 1016140984772126

Click here to submit a portrait for your student

Haz clic aquí para enviar un retrato de tu estudiante

 Parent Drop Off and Pick-Up: See map

Arrival Procedures and Entrances – To help maintain physical distancing, we will have four separate entrance doors for students. If a student arrives before the doors open, they will wait in their car or stand on a sidewalk spot by their assigned entrance. Each entry point will have spots on the ground to indicate where students will stand if they are waiting to enter to maintain physical distancing. Students will enter the building based on the location of their 1st period class (A days) and 4th period class (B days). SEE MAP. for a visual representation of the four entrances.

Door A: Rooms 15-21, library, and gym

Door B: Rooms 22-27

Door C: (back of school), Rooms 27-31

Door S: (Science) Rooms 32-35

Dismissal Procedures – At the end of the day, students will exit the building with supervision, using their designated entrance/exit doors.


Hybrid meals onsite beginning April 12, 2021.

What meals are available to students?

  • Hybrid learners: Breakfast and lunch while onsite (eating in classrooms); extra breakfast portions may be saved as a snack for later
  • Meal box delivery on Wednesdays only (no pickups)
  • After-school childcare programs: Supper meals available upon request (we have reached out to programs to let them know)
  • No meal pickup from any site (this is a change from prior communication – middle schools will not be distributing outside)

How do families know what is on the menu?

  • Go to the online portal:
  • Do not create an account – just start typing “Eugene School District 4J” in the “Check District Menu” box
  • Use drop down to select school, then toggle between Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper menus
  • Print each menu using the printer icon towards the top right
  • Use the drop down menus to see allergy or dietary restrictions
  • Hover over items to see nutritional information

 Information from LAST week’s WAG shown below

 Kelly Hybrid Updates

School Hours, Schedule, Protocols

Trimester 3 Classes begin on March 29. The Middle School student schedule for March 30-April 9 will remain the same.

Hybrid Schedule takes effect on April 12.

More information about Trimester 3 will be mailed home the week of April 5: Schedules, Maps, and Trimester 3 Calendars. These documents will also be reviewed with teachers during Advisory classes.

Hybrid School Hours – – School hours for hybrid instruction are 12:50-3:10. Doors open and supervision begins at 12:30.

Cohort Groups – Students are cohorted by last name: A-L (Blue) and M-Z (Green). *

Last names A-L (Blue) will attend Hybrid in the afternoons from 12:50-3:10 on Mondays and Tuesdays. ** Students will also attend synchronous Zoom classes with teachers in the mornings from 9:00-11:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Last names M-Z (Green) will attend Hybrid in the afternoons from 12:50-3:10 on Thursdays and Fridays. ** Students will also attend synchronous Zoom classes with teachers in the mornings from 9:00-11:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Same School Online (Grey): Students will attend synchronous Zoom classes with teachers in the mornings from 9:00-11:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

*Cohorts are also aligned so that siblings will attend Hybrid in-person on the same two days. If your student is an exception to the last name cohorts, we will communicate with you.

** Please refer to the Trimester 3 schedule for exceptions to the days of week (A days, B days, C days)

Lunches – School lunches are free for all students. Lunch will be open from 12:20-12:40 on the field in the back of the school. If raining, we will utilize the outer gym. Students have the option to eat lunch at school before the school day begins.  At 12:30, students will be allowed to enter the building for classes at their designated entrances.

School Supplies – On the first day of hybrid, each student will receive a small backpack, water bottle and headphones from the school. In addition to these supplies, students are expected to come to school on-time and prepared with a charged iPad, a spiral notebook and something to write with. Classroom teachers will also have basic supplies in the classroom. Families may also want to send students with extra masks.

Masks – All people, both students and adults, MUST wear masks at all times while on school property. The only time students may remove their masks is during mealtimes. Gaters, bandanas, and face shields are not permitted face coverings according to Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance from ODE.