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4J Student Rights & Responsibilities

All students in Eugene School District 4J have the right to learn and grow in a safe and welcoming school environment. School staff, students and their parents and guardians have a joint responsibility for maintaining a positive learning environment and appropriate student conduct and discipline.

The district’s Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook addresses certain rights and responsibilities of students and expectations for student conduct necessary to maintain a climate of respect and safety. The handbook represents a set of guidelines; it does not describe all behaviors or detail the many steps schools take to assist students in making good decisions.

Individual schools may also establish specific school rules to help provide a safe and effective learning environment and to implement district policies and laws. Schools are responsible for distributing their rules, and students and parents are expected to become familiar with them. No school, however, has the authority to modify district rules.

Students and parents, please carefully read and discuss this handbook. Working together, 4J students, staff and families can create safe and positive learning environments for all.