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Kelly is really open to volunteers! Parents and community members are welcomed with big smiles at all our events.

How can you come and be part of the fun at Kelly? Simply fill out the background check/volunteer interest form. Background checks are required every two years, the background check takes about three days to clear. The background check is to protect all our students and all of our present volunteers have passed the check.

We ask that our volunteers check in at the main office by using the volunteer/visitor computer on the front desk. This lets us know that you are working and where to find you if needed.

We can use your help in a wide variety of ways. It doesn’t matter if you have a day job, there are evening and non-school time opportunities, too. Some of the jobs available are: phone calling, library help, lunch monitors, mentors, field trip help, book fair assistance, back-to-school registration, 8th grade graduation activities, River Walk help, parking attendants, accounting, health checks, and more.

Teachers are also grateful for any assistance that parents offer in classrooms. It enables some of the students to get more individualized attention.

Volunteers get a firsthand look at what is happening at Kelly when they, too, are in the middle of the action. Many studies have shown that when students see their families are involved in their school they perform better academically.

Come and join us! We have a lot of fun!