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Wildlife Safari Field Trip

Posted Date: 4/12/24 (3:08 PM)

Hello Kelly Families,

This spring we will be taking all our seventh graders on a field trip. We want to give families an early head’s up about the trip so that everyone can plan accordingly. This information will also be coming home with permission slips attached next week. 

Who: All Kelly Middle School 7th grade students.

What: A field trip to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon.

When: Friday, May 31. (see itinerary in the paper packet for details)

What to bring/wear:

  • Food and Snacks: Students will need to bring a school sack lunch (we will organize those) OR a lunch from home. Any drinks opened on the bus need to be in containers with sealable lids, and any food or garbage is the responsibility of the student to clean up.

  • Clothing: The buses are air conditioned (yay!) and we won’t be walking very much, so dress comfortably for sitting. 

  • Phones / devices: School policy is to have phones off and away on buses to avoid abuses that have occurred over the last couple years. This policy will hold for the trip up and down I-5, so students should consider bringing a book or other school-appropriate means to entertain themselves. We recognize that students will want to take pictures at the safari, so we will bend the rules for that portion of the day.  We strongly prefer not to confiscate or argue over phone usage - if your student will have difficulty with keeping their phone off and away on the bus ride, please consider leaving it at home. 

Why: This is tied to the 7th grade curriculum in Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. There will be classroom activities linked to the trip before and after the day, and students may be asked to do some specific observations from the bus during the tour. We hope this will be educational and fun for everyone. 

Permissions, Meds, and Other: Please see the attached permission form for the trip itself, and update the medical information sheet as needed. We will be working with our school nurse to ensure that we have any needed medications and training organized before the trip, and this will be easiest if we have all the correct information. 

Thank you,
The Kelly MS 7th grade team